At Waterside Acres, we believe in the power of personalization. We understand that the décor of your event is a significant part of showcasing your unique style and creating the atmosphere you envision. Therefore, beyond the provided tables, chairs, and archway, we invite you to bring your creative vision to life with your decorations.

Please keep in mind the following guidelines to ensure the preservation of our natural environment and to maintain the serene ambiance of our venue.

Your Responsibilities:

  1. Table and Chair Decorations: You are welcome to adorn the tables and chairs with your chosen decorations. This can include table cloths, centerpieces, chair sashes, or any other decoration that resonates with your event theme.
  2. Archway Decorations: While we provide a beautiful archway for your ceremony, we encourage you to embellish it in a way that complements your aesthetic and color scheme.
  3. Setup and Takedown: All decorations must be set up and taken down within the 12-hour rental period. Please plan accordingly to ensure your decorations are in place on time and removed promptly after the event.


To preserve the natural beauty of Waterside Acres and to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all our guests, we ask you to kindly adhere to the following restrictions:

  1. No Glitter: To minimize environmental impact and keep our venue clean, the use of glitter is strictly prohibited.
  2. No Open Fires: For the safety of all guests and the preservation of our natural surroundings, open fires are not permitted on the property. This includes fire pits, fireworks, and any other form of open flames.
  3. No Confetti: To prevent litter and environmental harm, we do not allow the use of confetti on the property. Consider alternatives like biodegradable petals, bubbles, or leaves.

We truly appreciate your understanding and compliance with these guidelines. Our primary goal is to ensure that your event is beautiful, memorable, and respectful of the stunning environment that Waterside Acres offers.

For any further inquiries or concerns about decorations or the venue rules, please feel free to contact us. We’re here to help make your event as seamless and memorable as possible.

Contact Information:

Waterside Acres

3097 Trinity Church Road

Grey Court, South Carolina 29645

[email protected]


We look forward to hosting your special day at Waterside Acres.